Student-Centered Learning and Flipped Classroom


This course is designed to empower educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement student-centered learning and the flipped classroom model effectively. Participants will explore pedagogical strategies, technology integration, and practical techniques to create engaging and personalized learning experiences for students.

Introduction to Student-Centered Learning (4 hours) – Defining student-centered learning and its benefits. – Shift from traditional to student-centered approaches. – Strategies for empowering students in their learning journey. – Hands-on activity: Reflecting on current teaching methods.   

Flipped Classroom Principles (4 hours) – Understanding the flipped classroom model. – Flipped learning techniques and tools. – Creating pre-class materials and resources. – Flipping your first lesson. 

Technology Integration (4 hours) – Leveraging technology to support student-centered learning. – EdTech tools for content delivery and interaction. – Online discussion platforms and collaborative tools. – Practical exercise: Exploring EdTech resources. 

Active Learning Strategies (4 hours) – Engaging students in active learning. – Group activities, problem-solving, and discussions. – Promoting critical thinking and inquiry. – Designing active learning lessons. 

Assessment and Feedback (4 hours) – Assessing student learning in a student-centered environment. – Formative and summative assessment strategies. – Providing timely and constructive feedback. – Evaluating the effectiveness of student-centered learning.

​Objectives and learning outputs

By the end of this course, educators will have the knowledge and practical skills to transform their teaching methods, creating student-centered and flipped classroom experiences that promote active learning, critical thinking, and student engagement.

  • Understand the principles and benefits of student-centered learning.
  • Familiarize educators with the flipped classroom model.
  • Integrate technology effectively into teaching.
  • Implement active learning strategies.
  • Enhance assessment and feedback in a student-centered environment.

The educational programme will be re-organised accordingly to the professional needs of our partners. All courses proposed will pass through an accurate assesment of needs, goals and learning outputs. This process will be enhanced before every partnership request as the daily schedule.

20/24/28/40 hours 
Course location: Infol – Innovation Training Orientation and Employment
Site:  Roma, Athens
Number of days of training: 5/6/7/10
Lesson time: 4 hours 
Language of instruction: English , French, Turkish, Italian, Spanish,Bulgarian, Romanian. 
Participation fee:send mail to [email protected]


The course will combine theory input and discussion with analysis of practical incidents with the purpose of finding out different possible solutions. The methodology used is mainly content-based language instruction (communication through specific content).Text discussion, oral presentation and discussion, role-playing, self- and meta-reflection, debating and group interaction will be the strategies more frequently used.

  • Active methodologies
  • Role playing
  • Simulations
  • New technologies
  • Visits/workshops in educational institutions as schools, universities, educational centers, and companies


  • Europass Mobility
  • Certificate of Attendance

Upcoming sessions

Location: Roma

  • Starting on 29.01.2024 – Ending on 02.02.2024
  • Starting on 26.02.2024 – Ending on 01.03.2024
  • Starting on 08.04.2024 – Ending on 12.04.2024
  • Starting on 20.05.2024 – Ending on 24.05.2024