Outdoor Education: new ideas and innovative teaching methods


This course is designed to inspire educators with creative approaches to outdoor education, leveraging the natural environment as a dynamic classroom. Participants will explore new ideas and innovative teaching methods that enhance learning through experiential, outdoor-based activities.

Upon completion of this course, educators and teachers will be equipped with innovative outdoor teaching methods and a deeper appreciation for the value of experiential learning in natural settings, enhancing their ability to engage students in meaningful outdoor educational experiences.   

Introduction to Outdoor Education (4 hours) – Defining outdoor education and its benefits. – Historical perspectives on outdoor learning. – The role of outdoor education in modern pedagogy. – Building a foundation for outdoor teaching. 

Outdoor Curriculum Design (4 hours) – Designing curriculum for outdoor learning. – Aligning outdoor activities with educational goals. – Integrating core subjects into outdoor lessons. – Hands-on activity: Designing an outdoor lesson plan. 

Experiential Learning and Skill Development (4 hours) – Principles of experiential learning in outdoor education. – Developing outdoor skills and environmental awareness. – Team-building and problem-solving in outdoor settings. – Outdoor adventure and leadership activities. 

Environmental Stewardship (4 hours) – Fostering environmental consciousness and sustainability. – Connecting students with the natural world. – Conservation and ecology in outdoor education. – Practical conservation projects and initiatives. 

Safety, Risk Management, and Beyond (4 hours) – Ensuring safety in outdoor education. – Risk management and emergency procedures. – Collaborative learning and community engagement. – Planning and implementing outdoor education programs.  

Objectives and learning outputs

  • Understand the principles and benefits of outdoor education.
  • Design outdoor curriculum aligned with educational goals.
  • Develop outdoor teaching skills and environmental awareness.
  • Foster a sense of environmental stewardship in students.
  • Ensure safety and effective risk management in outdoor education.


The course will combine theory input and discussion with analysis of practical incidents with the purpose of finding out different possible solutions. The methodology used is mainly content-based language instruction (communication through specific content).Text discussion, oral presentation and discussion, role-playing, self- and meta-reflection, debating and group interaction will be the strategies more frequently used.

  • Active methodologies
  • Role playing
  • Simulations
  • New technologies
  • Visits/workshops in educational institutions as schools, universities, educational centers, and companies


  • Europass Mobility
  • Certificate of Attendance

Upcoming sessions

Location: Roma

  • Starting on 08.04.2024 – Ending on 12.04.2024
  • Starting on 20.05.2024 – Ending on 24.05.2024
  • Starting on 10.06.2024 – Ending on 14.06.2024
  • Starting on 24.06.2024 – Ending on 28.06.2024