Infol is an association headquartered in Rome, Italy, in Via Ferruccio Zambonini 26. Drew on the a network of professionals and experts clearly in every sector, Infol proposes training courses, together with programs for the updating and qualified skills, both short and long-term organized, in order to supply the competence and knowledge needed for any position, company activities or professional ambient.

 Infol is an Erasmus Course Provider registered by the European Commission. It organizes courses for teachers and education of professionals, internships for vocational schools in Rome and Greece using Erasmus+ funding.

Thanks to the consulting services provided by our professionals , active part of “ Infol Training Network ”, we provide services for businesses, government agencies, associations and other institutions, both national and international.

Infol pursues the objective of establishing and developing a set of synergistic projects and activities suitable to promote the personal and professional growth of the individuals.


Infol organizes programs of training for both individuals and companies, including initiatives supported by public funding or held under public tenders. Infol organizes courses for the updating and qualified of skills, drew on educational talents and teachers, trainers and professionals with impeccable qualifications in the fields as:

  • IT (Information Technology);
  • Social and educational services;
  • Energy and the environment, communications and publishing;
  • Workplace safety, telecommunications and foreign languages;
  • Cultural resources and fashion;
  • Sports and entertainment;
  • Corporate and administrative management, marketing, tourism and agro-tourism;
  • Lending finance and insurance;
  • Graphic design and advertisement;
  • Plant engineering construction;
  • Electronics and thermo-hydraulics.


Infol is devoted to promote the social, cultural and professional integration of the individuals, as well as the adaptability and competitiveness of both companies and workers, achieving it through activities and projects of training and orientation.

Enlarging the sense of partnership as a union and cooperate all together in harmony sharing from one to each other is our first ideal.