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Coaching, leadership and motivation in education


The “Coaching, Leadership, and Motivation in Teaching” course is designed to provide teachers and educators with essential skills to become effective leaders in the classroom and motivate students to reach their full potential. Through a combination of theory and practice, participants will gain a deep understanding of coaching, leadership, and motivation concepts and learn how to successfully apply them in their educational context.
This course is aimed at teachers, educators, school administrators, and education professionals who wish to enhance their leadership skills, develop coaching abilities, and maximize student motivation.

Coaching can address a range of characteristics and developmental needs that contribute to the effectiveness of a teacher. Teacher coaching in schools takes various forms, but is commonly conceived as a means of providing personalised professional support to teachers through discussion about their practice.
Coaching takes time to organise and facilitate within any organisation, and as time is precious in all schools it is important that coaching, where used, works to maximum effect. This course is designed to be of value both to schools who are planning to develop coaching to enhance teaching and learning as a new endeavour and to those where coaching already exists. It will provide guidance for establishing models of coaching which are:

  • focused on enhancing teaching and learning
  • beneficial to all coaching participants in terms of professional learning sustainable over the long term.

Session 1: Introduction to Coaching and Leadership in Education
– Overview of the course and its objectives
– Importance of coaching and leadership in education
– Key coaching principles
– Role of a teacher as a leader
– Group activities and discussions

Session 2: Effective Communication and Motivation
– The art of effective communication in the classroom
– Techniques for motivating students
– Building rapport with students
– Handling challenging conversations
– Practical exercises and role-play

Session 3: Coaching Skills for Teachers
– Understanding coaching in the educational context
– Active listening and questioning techniques
– Setting clear goals and expectations
– Providing constructive feedback
– Peer coaching practice

Session 4: Leadership in Education
– Different leadership styles and their impact
– Leading by example
– Creating a positive classroom culture
– Handling conflicts and challenges
– Leadership case studies and group discussions

Session 5: Applying Coaching and Leadership in Teaching
– Integrating coaching and leadership skills into teaching
– Creating a personal action plan
– Peer feedback and review
– Continuous improvement as an educator
– Course wrap-up and certificates

Objectives and learning outputs

The main goal of the course is to create trust, motivate and empower teams. We need to empower the positive values in the system even if the conditions are not ideal, even if we have to deal with cultural diversity and different understanding of values. It’s about managing techniques and how to use them for you and your organization’s benefit. By the end of the course participants will have a substantial understanding of coaching framework and coaching models. They will develop core coaching skills, including observation process, feedback, questioning, listening, raising awareness, establishing and maintaining an authentic relationship.

– Understand the crucial role of leadership and coaching in education.
– Explore motivation theories and strategies for classroom application.
– Acquire practical skills for conducting effective coaching sessions.
– Develop leadership skills that inspire and guide students towards success.
– Apply learned concepts through practical in-class sessions and exercises.


– Assign readings or articles related to coaching, leadership, and motivation in education for participants to review before each session.
– Encourage participants to share their experiences and insights during the sessions.
– Provide resources and references for further learning.
– Consider bringing in guest speakers who are experts in education leadership and coaching for guest lectures.

  • Active methodologies
  • Role playing
  • Simulations
  • New technologies
  • Visits/workshops in educational institutions as schools, universities, educational centers, and companies


  • Europass Mobility
  • Certificate of Attendance

Upcoming sessions

Location: Roma

  • Starting on 23.10.2023 – Ending on 27.10.2023
  • Starting on 27.11.2023 – Ending on 01.12.2023
  • Starting on 18.12.2023 – Ending on 22.12.2023
  • Starting on 15.01.2024 – Ending on 19.01.2024
  • Starting on 19.02.2024 – Ending on 23.02.2024
  • Starting on 18.03.2024 – Ending on 22.03.2024
  • Starting on 15.04.2024 – Ending on 19.04.2024
  • Starting on 06.05.2024 – Ending on 10.05.2024
  • Starting on 03.06.2024 – Ending on 07.06.2024

Location: Athens

  • Starting on 09.10.2023 – Ending on 13.10.2023
  • Starting on 29.01.2024 – Ending on 02.02.2024
  • Starting on 08.04.2024 – Ending on 12.04.2024