Job Seeking Strategies at Vocational School

This training program is tailored to equip teachers with the knowledge and tools to support vocational school graduates in their job-seeking journey. Participants will gain insights into effective job search techniques and strategies to prepare students for successful career transitions.

For those who decide to seek employment after leaving school at 17, the job market can be an exciting yet challenging place. But with the right guidance and hard work, our students can learn how to find employment that will provide them with a decent income and a certain level of independence. Although many such students become nervous when faced with the idea of career prospects, it is important for them to know that this possibility is entirely within reach. It is crucial that young people discover what their strengths and capabilities are, what activities they enjoy to perform and how they can monetize these attributes. The transition from vocational high school to employment can be overwhelming for any young adult. This seminar aims at supporting teachers in helping students who are ready to embark on this challenging, but exciting new phase of their lives.

Lesson 1: Preparing Students for the Job Market
– Understanding the current job market trends and demands.
– Identifying transferable skills developed during vocational training.
– Resume building and crafting effective cover letters.
– Setting realistic career goals and expectations.
– Role-play activities for guiding students through self-assessment.

Lesson 2: Job Search Techniques
– Effective job search strategies, including online job boards, networking, and direct applications.
– Leveraging social media and professional networking platforms (e.g., LinkedIn).
– Conducting informational interviews and building professional relationships.
– Creating and maintaining a job search tracking system.
– Group exercises on optimizing online profiles and job search strategies.

Lesson 3: Interview Preparation
– Preparing students for different types of job interviews (e.g., behavioral, panel, virtual).
– Mock interview sessions with feedback and guidance.
– Developing compelling interview stories and responses.
– Dress code and professional etiquette during interviews.
– Handling common interview questions and challenges.

Lesson 4: Job Application Tools and Resources
– Navigating job application portals and company websites.
– Understanding job descriptions and requirements.
– Researching potential employers and industries.
– Writing effective thank-you emails and follow-up communications.
– Creating a portfolio showcasing students’ skills and achievements.

Lesson 5: Soft Skills and Professional Development
– The importance of soft skills in the workplace (e.g., communication, teamwork, adaptability).
– Guiding students in building a growth mindset.
– Time management and organization skills for job seekers.
– Stress management and resilience during the job search process.
– Encouraging lifelong learning and continuous professional development

Learning objectives

  • Tracking their strengths and weaknesses
  • Discovering their inclinations
  • Writing an adequate cover letter
  • Composing different kinds of CVs 
  • Applying for a job online or face-to-face
  • Preparing for different interviewing styles and demanding questions 
  • Coping with stress
  • Using social media for seeking employment
  • Cooperating effectively with their colleagues

20/24/28/40 hours 
Course location: Infol – Innovation Training Orientation and Employment
Site:  Athens
Number of days of training: 5/6/7/10
Lesson time: 4 hours 
Language of instruction: English,French, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish,Bulgarian, Romanian. 

Upcoming sessions

Location: Athens

  • Starting on 13.11.2023 – Ending on 17.11.2023
  • Starting on 05.02.2024 – Ending on 09.02.2024
  • Starting on 10.06.2024 – Ending on 14.06.2024