Entrepreneurship education in school

This program aims at helping teachers and trainers embed entrepreneurial teaching material into their extra-curricular activities but also as a part of their basic teaching schedule. The participants will also be discovering new tools for expanding the scope of their students’ professional options as freelancers.

Entrepreneurial education can be especially useful in vocational education where entrepreneurial competence can prove an advanced and unique advantage in job seeking. More importantly, where traditional job qualifications fail at helping a student find a job, entrepreneurial skills succeed by rendering the student capable of creating work for themselves through the formation of start-ups and small businesses. The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship has proposed the following definition for entrepreneurial education: “Content, methods and activities supporting the creation of knowledge, competencies and experiences that make it possible for students to initiate and participate in entrepreneurial value creating processes”. As it has been shown by a great number of studies and focus group interviews among students, across many European countries, the entrepreneurial spirit has not been cultivated in official school curriculums, apart from a few exceptions. Students should bear in mind that ample academic knowledge in their field of interest and even decent professional experience most of the time isn’t enough for them to make smart entrepreneurial decisions.

Learning objectives

After taking part in this training program you will be able to help your students:

  • Design, develop, and operate a business
  • Identify and master the skills and abilities required for a successful business owner
  • Understand the value of entrepreneurship as a career path in today’s labormarket
  • Use marketing tools such as the SWOT analysis
  • Conduct an effective market research
  • Form a business plan
  • Analyze and evaluate different business opportunities

20/24/28/40 hours 
Course location: Infol – Innovation Training Orientation and Employment
Site:  Rome, Athens
Number of days of training: 5/6/7/10
Lesson time: 4 hours 
Language of instruction: English,French, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish,Bulgarian, Romanian. 

Upcoming sessions

Location: Athens

  • Starting on 13.11.2023 – Ending on 17.11.2023
  • Starting on 05.02.2024 – Ending on 09.02.2024
  • Starting on 10.06.2024 – Ending on 14.06.2024