Sport event management

Sport event management


The program aims to complete the student’s  education with a specialized course in sport event management.
The course also addresses some of the more functional management issues that are vital to the successful implementation of sporting events on a more operational level. The aim of the award ist to allow students in any host country to develop advanced knowledge and practice expertise in this growing subject and to be able to strategically plan and manage not only large and complex landmark events but also the more regular operational aspects of sporting events. Those passing the programme will be able to deploy advanced knowledge of the subject and to apply their skills to providing solutions to sports events problems in a challenging and competitive environment.
Event Management is a rapidly growing field within the services sector not only for its recreational qualities, but also for its power of communication.
The aims of the course are to:

  • Develop an in-depth critical understanding of the current key political, social, cultural, environmental and economic issues related to international sporting tournaments and associated events.
  • Draw on a range of marketing, financial, operational and risk management knowledge and skills in order to deliver a successful and safe sporting event in a local, national or international context;
  • Develop a range of complex problem solving skills and abilities to enable students to set, negotiate and meet personal objectives and deadlines to identified standards, which are transferable to a sporting event workplace at a managerial level.

Objectives and learning outputs

The main objective of the Course in Sports Event Management is to educate students in the application of operational management tools as a sport event manager.
By developing the specialist knowledge and skills required, students will be able to strategically plan and manage sporting events to the satisfaction of regional, national and international stakeholders.
Students will develop awareness and appreciation of the many ways that people access the web, and will be able to create standards-based websites that can be accessed by the full spectrum of web access technologies.

  • To know and apply the organizational principles of a sport event.
  • To understand and put aspects of the financial management of a sport event into practice.
  • To know how to select and manage professional collaborators and/or volunteers.
  • To obtain and align available resources for a sport event.
  • To apply methods of assessing a sport event and identify aspects that can be further improved.

The educational programme will be re-organised accordingly to the professional needs of our partners. All courses proposed will pass through an accurate assesment of needs, goals and learning outputs. This process will be enhanced before every partnership request as the daily schedule.

Course location: Infol – Innovation Training Orientation and Employment
Site: Rome, Athens
Number of days of training: 2/3 Weeks
Lesson time: 6/8 hours 
Language of instruction: English , French, Turkish, Italian, Spanish,Bulgarian, Romanian. 
Internship in Company inclused 
Participation fee: send mail to [email protected]


The course will combine theory input and discussion with analysis of practical incidents with the purpose of finding out different possible solutions. The methodology used is mainly content-based language instruction (communication through specific content).Text discussion, oral presentation and discussion, role-playing, self- and meta-reflection, debating and group interaction will be the strategies more frequently used.

  • Active methodologies
  • Role playing
  • Simulations
  • New technologies
  • Visits/workshops in educational institutions as schools, universities, educational centers, and companies


  • Europass Mobility
  • Certificate of Attendance