Hospitality and tourism management​

Our Hospitality and Tourism Management Training course ( short-term learning mobility of VET learners) is designed to equip Erasmus students from Vet schools with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the dynamic and rewarding field of hospitality and tourism. Whether youngs aspire to work in hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, or event management, this comprehensive program will provide students with a solid foundation. This programme will explore in depth the role of Customer Service, Personnel, Management, Hospitality Management and International Marketing and Tourism. Participants will be able to analyse and evaluate the policies and principles that best promote a customer-focused culture and learn how to successfully manage a team to obtain this objective. Participants will also develop the skills that will enable them to predict potential trends and pitfalls within the industry and design and develop effective strategies to adjust their marketing strategies accordingly.

Objectives and learning outputs

  • Industry Insight: Gain a deep understanding of the hospitality and tourism industry, including its various sectors and career opportunities.
  • Practical Training: Put theory into practice with hands-on sessions at local hotels, restaurants and travel agencies, allowing you to experience real-world operations.
  • Customer Service Excellence: Learn the art of exceptional customer service, a cornerstone of the industry.
  • Hotel Operations: Explore hotel management, from front office operations to food and beverage services.
  • Event Planning: Discover the intricacies of event planning and management, a vital skill in the tourism sector.
  • Marketing and Sales: Master marketing strategies and sales techniques tailored to the hospitality and tourism sector.
  • Destination Management: Understand tourism destination marketing and sustainable tourism practices.
  • Financial Acumen: Develop financial management and budgeting skills specific to the industry.
  • Human Resource Management: Learn how to recruit, train, motivate, and lead hospitality teams effectively.

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