Artificial Intelligence for teachers

In an era of rapid technological advancement, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) is essential for educators. This training course is tailored to equip teachers with the knowledge and skills needed to integrate AI into their teaching practices and enhance learning experiences.This course program provides educators with a solid foundation in AI and demonstrates how this technology

Lesson 1: Introduction to AI in Education
– An overview of artificial intelligence and its relevance in education.
– Understanding the potential benefits and challenges of AI in the classroom.
– Exploring real-world examples of AI applications in education.

Lesson 2: AI Tools for Teaching and Assessment
– Hands-on experience with AI-powered educational tools.
– How AI can assist in personalized learning and adaptive assessments.
– Strategies for integrating AI into lesson planning and content creation.

Lesson 3: Data and Analytics in Education
– Leveraging AI-driven data analysis for student insights.
– Using data to tailor instruction and improve student outcomes.
– Ensuring data privacy and ethical considerations in education.

Lesson 4: AI-Enhanced Classroom Management
– Implementing AI for classroom organization and behavior monitoring.
– Promoting engagement through AI-driven interactive content.
– Addressing concerns related to student privacy and AI monitoring.

Lesson 5: Preparing for the Future of AI in Education
– Exploring emerging trends in AI and education.
– Strategies for continuous professional development in AI.
– Fostering a growth mindset and adaptability in the AI-driven educational landscape.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this course, teachers will be well-versed in the fundamental concepts of AI in education and equipped with practical skills to integrate AI tools effectively. They will be better prepared to create innovative and tailored learning experiences for their students, keeping pace with the evolving educational landscape.

These educational objectives enable teachers to acquire key knowledge and skills to use Artificial Intelligence effectively and ethically in the educational environment.

  • Understanding of Artificial Intelligence: Teachers should be able to explain the basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence, including types such as machine learning and neural networks.
  • Integration of AI in Teaching: Educators should gain the ability to identify opportunities for integrating AI into their teaching activities.
  • Ethical Awareness: Teachers should be aware of ethical issues related to the use of AI in the classroom and should be able to apply ethical guidelines.
  • Development of AI Projects: Teachers should be able to create educational projects using AI-based tools and evaluate student performance.
  • Vision of the Future: Educators should be informed about future trends in educational AI and understand how AI can support lifelong learning

20/24/28/40 hours 
Course location: Infol – Innovation Training Orientation and Employment
Site:  Rome
Number of days of training: 5/6/7/10
Lesson time: 4 hours 
Language of instruction: English,French, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish,Bulgarian, Romanian. 

Upcoming sessions

Location: Roma

  • September 2024: Week 3 (September 16 – 20)
  • October 2024: Week 4 (October 21 – 25)
  • November 2024: Week 5 (November 25 – 29)
  • January 2025: Week 5 (January 27 – 31)
  • April 2025: Week 1 (March 31 – April 4)
  • May 2025: Week 1 (May 5 – 9)
  • June 2025: Week 2 (June 9 – 13)
  • July 2025: Week 2 (July 7 – 11)
  • September 2025: Week 3 (September 15 – 19)
  • November 2025: Week 3 (November 17 – 21)